Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Week Dominated

Hello everyone!

First off, thanks for getting my music together! That all sounds perfect.  We can't listen to it in the mtc so take time sending it if you haven't already.  If you send me a dearelder today before 11 your time I will get it today.  If you want ideas for what to send me I would like a CTR ring, Spanish or no, I'm guessing a size 7.  If there is an ugly watch hanging around the house, I would like one of those.  I have to wear one everyday.  No iPhone.  I would also like some Listerine or other kind of breath mints.  Believe it or not I am actually starting to regret not buying some Dansco/other kind of ugly mary jane shoes.  Maybe you could send me my brown Danscos (from when I broke my toe).  Not only am I going to have to wear shoes every day, I am going to have to start walking everywhere too!!  The consulate has yet to come so I'm pretty sure that my district is going to get reassigned before we get to go to Argentina.

Thanks for the letters Mom, Dad, Anna, Grandma Leslie, Grandma Sue, Vivian, and Bryce. Letters are much appreciated.  I like to feel loved.  AND THAT IS SO EXCITING FOR MARLEICE!! BRAZIL!! Perfect for her! 

This week a lot happened although the second I sat down here I forgot most of it.
SATURDAY: was a blur. I think we taught our investigator, and did the same old mtc stuff.
TUESDAY: DEVOTIONAL DAY!! We had M. Russell Ballard.  He was so great.  He talked about how as missionaries we have a lifetime of knowledge that we can draw back on, and we don't just use what we have learned in the MTC.  He told us to RELAX. My whole district sings in the choir every week.  It is so fun. We sang "Remember the Lilies". So ya that was good.
WEDNESDAY: Newbie day.  Always fun.
THURSDAY: p-day-eve.  Always long.  We had a great class last night.  Hermano Peterson one of the teachers really helped us understand the power we have as missionaries.  I thought that I was excited and dedicated before I came, but every day I get more dedicated to the work and more excited to leave this place. Ask me anymore questions you have I am not really sure what to write.
FRIDAY: Today, laundry this morning.  We are going to the temple later, and then class tonight.  

So ya that's my whole life in a couple sentences.  Surprisingly, I love going to the gym everyday.  30 min is the perfect work out time.  I have lost a little weight since I got here, but that is probably just because the food makes me sick and I don't eat.  I would love my rojo falda por favor. Let me know what's going on.  Ask me questions so I have more to say next week.  Tell everyone I love them.  

Hermana Walker
Hermana Walker and Hermana Swenson

Mid-calf length skirts are hard to find, and so many girls have purchased the same thingsthat the Sisters decided to have "Twinner Tuesdays" where we dress alike on purpose. 
Hermana Jessie Roberts (another friend from Boulder City) and I

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