Friday, March 8, 2013

Week 3 in the MTC!

Dear Family,

This week has been really fast. Faster than last week.  I didn't even take any pictures this week... lo siento. But my companion did so I will forward one to you.  And yes, I am emailing you very early in the morning once again.  We get to the laundry room really early so that we can get our stuff in the good washers, and get on the computers before this place gets crazy.  Normally we go back to our room and write letters for two hours or so after laundry, but I think today we are going to naps instead.  I am feeling really sick. It has mostly been a cold up until this point, but today I have a sore throat. Waking up everyday is still rough.  People have said it gets better, but I don't believe them. I think that every day of my mission I will have a hard time waking up.  I need to focus on success though--I have not woken up late one day!

As far as how I am doing, everything is going well.  I am still not very good at Spanish but get better everyday.  I talk pretty great in a lesson and about the gospel, but I am having a hard time with everyday conversation. The times when English and Spanish don't translate very well and I have to remember the Spanish rule are especially hard.  Sometimes it makes me upset, but then I realize that I have been here for three weeks and learned more than two years of Spanish.  We teach our investigators a couple times a week, but the best is when we go to the TRC because then we get to teach members and they are so nice.  It is such a confidence boost.  After our last lesson with our investigator Ignacio he told us that we could have asked him to do anything and he would have said yes because the spirit was so strong.

This week we sang in the devotional.  I don't know if I already said that but my whole district likes to sing in the choir.  The devotional speaker was Elder Marcos Aidukaitis, he's a member of the 70.  Melissa and I said a sad goodbye to Lexi on Tuesday.  It was bitter sweet.  Having them here has been such a blessing.  It has felt like I brought two members of my family with me.  But I will be seeing them soon especially since this is flying by!  Strengthening old friendships and making new friends have been the some of the best blessings of my mission.

And I have made wonderful new friends.  My favorites are Hermanas Nielsen and Bangerter!  
This Wednesday will mark one month in the MTC!  Thanks mom and grandma for the packages!!! Thanks so much, and mom, the temple picture with Lexi, Melissa and I was my favorite.  You have to send me more pictures--especially of our family!!!! I literally don't have one picture of our family recently.  There are a bunch of cute ones right before I left, and those really cute ones of my roommates and I after my farewell.  Just send me as many as you can!!  I have no pictures of Camron.  And none where Marc and Nick are taller than dad.  So ya I need more!!  My companion is still doing really well.  We have great lessons because she speaks a little more Spanish than me.  I would really like the 4th verse of I Know That My Redeemer Lives on my plaque.  I don't have a scripture for my plaque, but Alma 26:12 will do if I can't have the hymn.

Don't worry I'll have room for the things I asked for because I am planing on sending quite a few things home since I know what I don't really need.   But yes I will want my Danskos, I am sure.  You also know everything I love so you can send me more things if your not too busy:) Thanks so much for keeping up my blog, everyone sends me letters that they love it.  I am so excited about MarLeice.  Brazil is way lucky!

About Argentina though.  The likelihood of me leaving in two and a half weeks is slim to none.  We have yet to meet with the consulate.  At this time we just want to meet with them before we are done at the MTC so we are not reassigned to Utah.  If we meet with them in the next to weeks then we could be reassigned in the next two weeks to somewhere anywhere in the US.  Just pray that the consulate will come.  The whole visa thing really stresses me out so I try not to think about it.

Love you all.

Oh last thing our residence flooded on Monday.  Two inches in the hallway and the rooms next to us.  We were the closest room that didn't get flooded.  Basically now our residence smells like the 60 year old bacteria and germs that used to be in the carpet that are now airborne.  I have decided that is how I got sick.  They didn't even take the carpet out, they just put big fans on them.  But seriously the water was dripping down to the second floor so that's how they found out so I don't understand how they don't have to rip out the walls, I am positive there is going to be so much mold.  Luckily we leave soon, just our luck that it would be our floor, it smells horrible.
I'm also so excited to hear that Andrew Simister is going to Mexico! That is so awesome! Tell him he needs to get his Visa stuff done ASAP.  A whole district in my zone just got reassigned because they didn't get visas to Mexico on time and they had been in the MTC for 10 weeks.  Mexico, Peru, and Argentina are the worst right now.  Everyone going there is getting reassigned. And tell Camron he can send me a package anytime:)  I will try to get letters out to him and Anna and Marc and Nick this week. 

Love you,
Hermana Walker

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