Friday, March 22, 2013

I am the Queen and the MTC is my Castle!

Dear Familia,

So this has been a very eventfull week.  If I could only remember it.

First off, I have been temporarily reassigned while I wait for my visa! Salt Lake here I come haha.  Before anyone sits there in judgement, remember that's where I wanted to go!! We are leaving next Wednesday, I do not know when.  We have not gotten our travel plans yet, but we'll see what happens.  There is also a strong possibility that we will not even be speaking Spanish.  But they have Cafe Rio in Salt Lake, and I could serve in Bountiful by Aunt Kelly, and I will be here for Conference, which means that I will not be listening to it in Spanish.  There are so many positives that I don't know how I could be upset.

Second! Thanks so much for all the love from back home this week!! The packages were the best. Mom I can't believe all the stuff you found to put in that big package Camron brought up. The music -perfect, the iPod -perfect, the little gifts for my companions -perfect (they say thanks by the way), and everything else was exactly what I needed.  You just know me so well!  Thanks Aunt Kathy and Uncle Roy for the package; I was in desperate need of those watches and candy!  Thanks Aunt Kelly for those cookies and other treats.  But seriously those cookies walked out of heaven! I ate all of them by myself in like two days! Jody and the Jeppsen clan, thanks for the Easter package, it was so nice -miss you and love reading Julia’s letters.  Congrats to Liza on getting into BYU!

Third! Tell the Huxfords that it was my pleasure last week to let Bleu know about Braize’s mission call.  It was so fun!!  I will describe it in greater detail because it was so cute.  I went into his classroom with three sheets of paper folded up.  He came to the door, and I handed them to him. I said the first one was just a picture of Braize with his call, and the second one was where he was going, and the third one was where the other boys in the ward are going.  He looked at the first page with the picture and was so happy.  When he pulled that page around to look at the second one, he smiled said "no way" and then leaned forward resting his elbows on his thighs and started to cry.  It was so sweet. I thought I'd tell you in case he tries to man it up for his mom. Haha!  (Bleu and his brother Braize are both going to missions in Brazil.) And Kaleb is going to Bryce's mission!!!!! AHHH that is so exciting. They are all going to be so great!! Eldorado Valley Ward -single handedly converting the  world!!!

Fourth! I got hit in the head by a duck.  That is not a joke! When we were walking back from devotional, which was great--it was a member of the 70, there were three ducks in the grass.  Some dumb elders scared them, and they came and hit my head.  The weirdest sensation ever was having a duck hit my head :-)

Fifth -I just love my district.  They are my family!  The elders are just so great.  There is so much personality in our classroom that the teacher cannot even handle it.

Last -this week we have ended teaching our “investigators”.  Surprise they are both getting baptized! We have been teaching a lot about the commandments.  I would just like to point out that a commandment that we have been given from the Lord is to read the Scriptures every single day.  It is very important.  So everybody stop slacking off and read the scriptures -it’s a commandment.  Es mas importante. I love the work, I am excited for this next week, and I pray for you all daily.  The Church is true.  It is the only thing that can cure my anxiety about the uncertanity of the future.  The work is pushing foward, and Satan is ticked.

Love, Hugs, and Kisses,
Hermana Walker

ps. My Spanglish is pretty much fluent these days!

pss.  Thanks to Marilynn for the yummy package!  I love all those Pendletons!  And thanks Grandma Sue for the snacks and the CTR ring; it fits perfectly!
Where else am I going?
Argentina, my love
Buenos Aires Crew!

The girls--four to Buenos Aires. The other sisters are going to Cordoba.
The elders in my district as they sleep. Haha!
Mission boundaries
Utah Salt Lake City Mission blog

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