Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm alive and in...Layton

Hello all!
So this has been a crazy week for how short it has been.  Isn't that just the worst thing ever for it to feel super long and only be five days?  Wednesday we arrived at the Salt Lake City Mission.  We did quite a few fun things and then got assigned to our companions.  After getting assigned, we went extreme contacting over by Temple Square.  I thought it was super fun, but I have never had a problem with talking, haha.  We then left for our areas.  My companion and I (Hermana Corrales) are assigned to the Layton Utah Spanish speaking ward.  Since we now have 7 missionaries serving in this one ward, we received a new area.  So basically that means we are white washing.  We have been to so many houses trying to find new investigators and making appointments, but we have yet to actually teach a lesson.  It has been long. I will update on investigators when we have some.  So far we have just been contacting referrals because we are not allowed to tract in our mission.  We probably wouldn't anyways though because we are only allowed to teach people who would go to the Spanish ward.

On the bright side, the ward here is amazing.  They feed us literally every single day.  Yesterday we ate lunch after church and then ate again at 5 and an hour and a half later.  I felt sick.  Most of the food is really great.  It's like food from every latin country because the members are from everywhere.  Our church starts at 9.  Let’s just say everyone was late yesterday, church started late, and leave it at that. Everyone thinks that it is really funny that I don't speak Spanish, haha.  We are living in a member’s house about 5 miles from our area.  It is SOOO nice.  Especially being so close to the area where we serve which is not that nice. There are four of us living in our apartment, because they added Hermana Cleveland and I to a companionship of Spanish sisters until we get our visas.  We sleep on air mattresses.  They are comfortable, but I am cold every night.  I wear thermal garments, my grey sweat suit, my blue sweat suit, and two pairs of socks and am still freezing.  But they refuse to turn on the heat.  CRAZY! 

This is an exciting p-day because we finally get to go buy food.  We got here on Wednesday, but I didn't get to go to the store so I have been eating very little for breakfast and lunch.  I've been surviving though because after the members stuff us full of food,  they send us home with more food :)  Next Monday we get to go to the temple.  I get to go to the Salt Lake Temple!!! It is the only one that is open on our p-day, and we get to go once a transfer.  Also, it is a rule that we are not allowed to go to malls.  Don't know why this is relevant, but it makes me sad. 

Please, write to me. 
Everyone is really excited for Conference.  My companion and I aren't going to get to go though because we don't have any investigators and we don't have tickets.  I guess people in Utah don't get tickets so all the missionaries had their family send tickets from out of state, but my companion didn’t get any.  It's fine though because at least I will get to watch, hopefully in English. 

My commitment for the week.  Everyone needs to kneel when they say personal prayers.  The Savior himself kneeled when he talked to His Father.  I don't know about you but that is reason enough for me to think that I need to kneel.  We are commanded to follow the Savior’s example, why not even in the little things. 

Marcus-Go to prom!
Nicholas-Make him go!
Anna-Wish I could have heard you sing princess! Glad you’re doing well at dance!
Camron-Do you know what you’re doing with your life? I have faith in you to figure it out!
Dad-I miss you!
Mom-I miss you, too!
Bella-You are my beautiful puppy.
Brody-You are a dumb dog. Just kidding. Kinda.

Everything is going well, but the rumors are true--missionary work is The mission field is hard, especially since I am adjusting to coming to Layton.  I was prepared to go to Argentina, and I already love the people of Argentina.  But I am working on loving Layton.

I love you all.  Stay strong, and please pray that I can make it through my time in Layton.  Pray that we find people in our area who speak Spanish and who are prepared to hear the gospel or who will just let us serve them in some way.

Love mucho,
Hermana Walker

PS.  About the Easter pictures--I love Anna’s Easter dress and Marc and Nick look so handsome!!!!
President and Sister Winn with Hermana Walker

Walking up to meet find out who will be her companion/trainer.
Hermana Corrales!

New companions :)

Hermana Corrales and Hermana Walker
Signing the “Defenders of Zion” banner that all missionaries in the SLC Mission sign :)

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