Monday, April 15, 2013

Two months down? How is that even possible!?!


It is snowing today!  This winter is bound to end soon (probably just in time for me to go to Argentina for a South of the equator winter.) 

All right so little time, so much to say. I am just going to get down to business.

Week three was a hard one for our investigators.  It seemed like they all were having a major battle with Satan this week.  One of our investigators has decided that she wants to get baptized but not married, because every time she prays about marrying her boyfriend of 8 years with whom she has 3 kids they get in a fight after she prays.  We read her from the D&C about what actual answers will be like from God so hopefully she tries that out. Our investigator Sister H. has been having a hard time because she thinks she is going to die.  Her back is getting better though, and she is asking her doctor tomorrow if she can be baptized in a wheel chair in a swimming pool.  Basically they would just wheel her to the deep end and back, haha.  So pray for that.  If she can then we will be having her baptism, her husband’s and one of her daughter’s very soon.  We have another family of 5 that we have taught a lesson to, the family that went to conference,and are meeting with them this week to see if they have been doing their reading.

Spanish is hard.  However, I text all the time, it's pretty great, especially since I can think of the Spanish words a lot slower.

Our mission motto is “Defenders of Zion,” and every time our mission gets together we sing "Up, Awake Ye Defenders of Zion" with a lot of energy (TONS of energy).  Listen to it and laugh. haha. We sing everything with tons of energy and enthusiasm in this mission, and of course I love it!  We also sing "Called to Serve" and in the middle of the chorus (right after the second "as we glory in his name") we throw our fists in the air and shout "GO! GO! GO!" as loud as we can..

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PHOTO BOOK!!!!!! Perfect. Now I finally have pictures of my family. It is great!

Yesterday we went to an English ward for contacts, and when we were talking we found a mom who told us that her daughter left recently going to Oklahoma.  After the MTC and in her FIRST week in the field, she and her companion were riding their bikes and her companion was hit by a car and killed instantly. (That story was in the news, and it was her daughter’s companion.)  So I can honestly say now that my first three weeks in the field have been like walking on clouds compared to that.  She said that her daughter after the accident was hysterical, and was put into a police car and driven to the mission home.  While in that police car she taught the two officers on the drive the entire plan of salvation.  I thought that was amazing.

We met with the consulate! The soonest I could be leaving is at the end of transfers, May 8th.  Otherwise, I will leave as soon as I get my visa afterward.

I do not have a specific commitment for you all today, but I want to share something that I have been thinking about a lot.  At Zone Conference, (which was great by the way) President Winn went off on a tangent and this is a paraphrase of what he said.  Who were Laman and Lemuel?  No really think about it.  I will tell you who they were.  They were two boys who were born into the covenant.  They went to church every Sunday.  They graduated Primary.  They were eagle scouts.  Received their Duty to God.  They were Deacon and Teacher’s quorum presidents.  They were First Assistant to the bishop.  You know what, he said, Laman and Lemuel were even return missionaries.  They had no less spiritual advantage or experience that Sam and Nephi.  So what went wrong? 

The quick answer was they were never converted to the lord.  But I want you, my good friends and family, all to think of specifics.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about this.

I love you all, thank you for all your support and love.  Sorry if I have been getting bad with letters.  P-days are so busy I can't find the time.  With that being said I would love some letters at my house!  


Hermana Chloe
On the train on the way to SLC
Sister Cleveland and I--she's going to Buenos Aires West, too!

Sister Cleveland and Sister Walker
One of Sister H.'s puppies :)

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