Monday, April 29, 2013

Layton Love

Hello all,

This week has been by far the best week that has ever happened to the mission world! Baptism, blessings and revelations! I would like to start by saying thank you Grandma Sue for the package. 

First, the baptism; It went perfectly.  B. is the newest member of her ward.  There are so many miracles that surround this story that everyone will just have to remind me to tell about them when I get home from my mission.  Other than B. our other investigators are doing great. The M's, a family of 6, came to church yesterday! Ah! So we had like 10 investigators at church, which is really great.  
I had a little miracle yesterday after the baptism.  Sister Corrales and I were in the car about to go into the home of a less active member, and we didn't know what to teach.  I suggested we say a prayer and ask what to teach.  I have always thought that I am exempt from super direct revelation because I am not super knowledgeable in the scriptures.  But after Sister Corrales said the prayer, the first thing I thought is that she has a scripture that we need to share in Mosiah.  I asked her what was the first scripture she could think of in Mosiah and then told her that that was what we needed to share.  We went into the house, shared that message, and the couple said it was exactly what they needed.  I know that it was the spirit that really taught them, but I am so grateful that we were willing to teach what the spirit told us so that they could be taught what they needed to hear from their Father in Heaven.

Congratulations on all the big events this weekend.  Anna you looked so beautiful and old in your dance pictures! Marc and Nick look cute and stylish at prom.  Marcus--you are welcome.  I have decided that the reason you are alive is because I am on a mission and my family is extra blessed right now.  I'm about 75% kidding on that one:)  Camron congrats on getting home and getting done with finals.  Congratulations to Joe Miller. It is so awesome about all of those boys going on missions in the ward.  Can't believe that our ward will have so many.  Who would have thought all of us knuckleheads would be serving?  I guess everyone in the ward did something right.  I miss our ward a lot.  Mostly the music, because let's just say that the music in the hispanic ward is not great.

Transfers are next Wednesday! I could be leaving for Argentina that soon.  It is seriously crazy.  I don't want to leave.  Which probably means that I will.  I have been so lucky with my companions, and after Nielsen and Corrales, I am bound to get a bad companion.  

I love you all.  Sorry about not having a car Marc and Nick.  Could you save the stereo? Congrats on the essay contests as well.  Way to make Molly proud!!  Did I edit one of those papers or are they new?  

Until next week.  If you have questions let me know.  Thanks for the pictures mom.  Also, if you didn't get two letters on Saturday then they will be coming today.
Hermana Chloe

PS. We had a hike to Ensign peak with the mission this morning.  That’s why I got on a little late.  I already knew about the crash because I got a letter/package from grandma on Thursday that said, "Marcus was driving with angels on Monday when he totaled the car.  Adrenaline is so powerful, he was able to punch out the window and walk away from the scene." So, I was freaking out but happy to know he was ok.

Sister Corrales and I :)
The Spanish speaking sisters in Layton

Elder Colton, our amazing district leader, and MarLeice's friend from Georgia. Small world huh?!

Just an old picture someone forwarded to me of Hermana Nielsen and I

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