Monday, May 26, 2014

Ramos Mejia Otra Vez

Hello all!

I was transferred again, back to Ramos Mejia (where I served for a couple of weeks with Hermana Castellanos and Hermanita Carter). My companion and I are literally starting from zero here in Ramos Mejia.  The area has been closed for three weeks (since I left for Caseros) and wasn't worked in for about a month so everything is dead.  But it is kinda fun to start from zero.  It is a lot better to meet the expectation of getting better every week,  and we are able to work in the Lord's Way to start things up again. We had a very hard week finding new people to teach.  

After living a pretty sheltered life, it is hard to have people on the street look at you with a face of disgust simply because I am wearing a name tag.  They use it as an excuse to be rude.  But after a very long week in the last moments of Sunday night, my companion and I found an amazing man named Ricardo.  He is a single dad of a 7-year-old boy.  He is a Police officer that used to work in the undercover drug deparment in Buenos Aires.  Legit.  He has a tatoo of the Marines sign on his right arm. When we just had knocked his door and were getting to know him, I told him that my cousin was a Marine, and he then let us in to teach him.  So thanks for being awesome Weston!!

My companion is Hermana Cuevas from Honduras. She has been on the mission for almost a year.  She is awesome and has a great personality, and I am really excited to serve with her.  Hopefully she will be my last companion and this my last area. The ward is really great here, and they have the desire to work really hard with the missionary effort so we are going to help to try and teach them and get them involved.  Yesterday during Sacrament Meeting, we sang the Argentine National Anthem standing, and at the end everyone burst into applause!  It was a national holiday yesterday.  But it was really funny.  There were people crying and everything.  As for this week, I am just praying that it doesn't rain like last week on Tuesday.  These Argentine storms are killing me.  

Hermana Chloe
Transfer meeting--Hermana Adams (old companion in red coat) on one side and Hermana Cuevas (new companion) on the other side. I feel like a giant compared to Hermana Cuevas.

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