Monday, June 2, 2014

Elle Woods Moment

Hi all,

Soo...I am really starting to feel very unmotivated to write emails these days.  Seriously, I have a little over two months left and there is nothing new to write, but I will tell ya how the week went.

Our area right now is really hard.  We opened up the area after being closed and getting the members moving again to help us has been a little slow.  We are going to keep going with that though and we know that everything will improve.  We found a really legit man name Ricardo...I might have talked about him last week.  Well this week he didn’t come to church so we went to his house to see what happened, and guess what happened? HE WAS CAR JACKED! Saturday night his car was stolen at gunpoint, and then he couldn’t make it to church.  I was like, seriously Satan—you had to had two men with guns steal his car to get him to not come to church, low blow.  But he is still on board to be baptized this month so that is good.

On Tuesday, I went on my first divisions as an Hermana Training Leader. It was really fun. Hermana Benson (from Springville, Utah) is amazing.  We served in the same ward in Las Heras, so it was a pretty fun division.  On Friday we had a leadership meeting with all the zone leaders and hermana training leaders. Funny story. I was kind of nervous about the meeting. I definitely had an Elle Woods moment.  I got up that morning and could not pick an outfit.  I went through all of my pink shirts and sweaters and finally settled on a black skirt, black tights, and a white button down shirt, and a grey blazer—a very serious outfit. Haha. That was the only outfit that I felt comfortable wearing to go to the “big leadership meeting,” so obviously I started remembering Elle on her first day of Harvard Law School when she put on her ugly, serious, studious clothes. I don’t usually worry about what I wear on the mission, but wearing “serious” clothes did make me feel more comfortable about going to the meeting.  Haha. However, I will need an intervention in two months...

Nothing else really happened.  I am reading Jesus the Christ.  It is good.  We are working hard.  I love the mission!

Hermana Chloe
The whole country is soccer crazy! These are my boys and my boyfriend, Messi, in the middle. He's going to score lots of goals for me. Haha.

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