Monday, June 16, 2014

Rainy and Cold and Tired and Probably Being Transferred Again, but at least Messi scored a goal for me!


The whole country is soccer crazy! I'm not going to lie, this was a hard week.  It was rainy and freezing! We hardly taught lessons this week, and yesterday we couldn't go out and work after 7 for the game.  But everytime that Argentina scored we could hear the cheers! That was fun! Did Messi score the first or the second goal??

Well, in our area nothing is really happening.  We knock on a lot of doors.  We literally get rejected every single day.  We walk for hours and hours--all day, every day.  Good news is that from all the walking and stress, I have lost a little weight. Haha.  We have gone multiple days without teaching any lessons, and for the whole week last week we only found 1 new investigator.  In this mission anything less than 8 is an embarassment. This area is seriously kicking my trash! But I still feel okay, it's just really hard. It's a good thing I can do hard things, right Mom?

Last week our best investigator wrote us a text message confessing his love for Hermana Walker, which I had to show to the Assistants, and means I am probably going to be transferred this week. I had to tell them that he has a baptism date, which really means I'm most likely getting transferred. I am almost getting used to getting transferred so often, almost. I really hoped to finish my mission here. I also don't like leaving on a bad week, and I've really grown to love the sisters in the zone. It is out of my control. I will find out tonight if I'm being transferred and transfers are on Wednesday. Worrying about transfers is stressful for me, but surprisingly I still came out of this week feeling pretty happy. Just keep swimming, that's what I do--just swim, swim, swim. 

I can't believe Nick leaves in 30 days! Que loco! You just keep swimming, too, Mom!

How is Lexi? That is so weird that she is home; I am freaking out.  AHHHH.  Boys, will you make me a playlist of all of the good music I missed? It will help with my transition. Haha. I'm afraid we're all going to be so weird. This last transfer will be 8 weeks, and so I am in the first week of my last transfer.  And I am getting slightly depressed about my mouse colored hair and my grandma clothes. My emotions about all of this are so conflicting!!

I find it best to just focus on the day and the week. No worries about the future.  All is well. I'm keeping the faith and still loving the mission despite a difficult couple of weeks. God has a plan for me--I know this! We'll see about transfers. I love you all.

Hermana Chloe

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  1. Wonderful Chloe---
    I have so enjoyed your letters! I love your perspectives and faith and optimism. Keep it up to the very end! I know you have made a huge difference there---you cannot help but touch lives when you have served so diligently for so long! This is such a great time of your life; enjoy each day. Don't worry about the next phase, it'll be there when you get there!