Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Has it really only been a week?


Sorry, I didn't email yesterday. Yesterday and today are holidays in Argentina, Carnival, so all of the internet cafes in my new area were closed for the holiday. What is Carnival? That was my question, and all I could figure out is that Carnival has something to do with having a big party/celebration/indulgence before you give up something for Lent. Today we had district meeting, and then after we hopped on a train to Ramos Mejia because my companion has an interview with president.  There is an open cyber here in the city so I'm able to email! 

It has been a week and one day, but it actually feels like it has been a month or so since I last wrote.  Sad news, since I am not writing from my area, I don't have any pictures to send because it is too risky to bring my camera when we are on the busses or the train.  My new Area is Las Heras! In Marcos Paz Zone! (Yes, like Marcus said--that is Marcus Peace. haha.) General Las Heras is a small city about 30 miles outside of Buenos Aires and just a few miles from Marcos Paz. It is very rural, a lot of dirt roads, cows, horses. It also seems friendly, and I am once again with a companion from Santiago, Chile! Her name is Hermana Figueroa, and she has six months in the mission. We are having a great time, but as of right now I am really just trying to get to know the area. However, this weekend we have two baptisms, Eva and Clara.  They are the best.  They are 13 and 11.  On Sunday they showed up to church before us and are so excited to be baptized.  Their mom also is great and is going to get baptized, but not this Saturday, because she takes care of her grandma on Sundays in the morning and hasn't been able to come to church.

As was expected, it was really hard to leave 9 de Julio. I will always remember that place as where my mission became sacred.  This week I gained a really strong testimony of fasting.  I know that if we fast with faith, that we will recieve.  But like always, Heavely Father will respond in the best way to help us return to Him, not necessarily in the way we think we want.  I was able to see this week that the Lord's will is actually the answer we never knew we wanted.  And sometimes the growth we were to afraid to ask for.  

I am excited to hear buenos noticias from Marc and Nic this week about all that dang paperwork you have been working on. haha.

And last, if we could all be member missionaries like Anna there would be no need for missionaries!

Hermana Chloe

PS. I will have many pictures next week!

PSS.  This is the link to Sister Carter's blog that has some information and pictures of Las Heras.  Click here-->http://buenosaireswest.blogspot.com/2014/02/las-heras-and-mariano-acosta.html

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