Monday, March 24, 2014

In Sickness and Health . . .


But seriously, it is like we are a married couple out here on the mission with our companions.  This week my companion had to deal with a lot of the in sick times because I was out with a crazy cold for about two days.  One whole day I only could get out of bed two times.  But I felt so sick I couldn´t sleep.  It was rough.  But I got a blessing, and took some Advil cold and sinus (gracias a Los Estados Unidos) and I am feeling better today.  Despite the fact that my voice is shot.  I can barely talk.  If I thought it was weird to hear myself speak Spanish everyday, now I am listening to myself speak Spanish when my voice is gone.  It is pretty funny.  All the elders keep imitating my voice they think it is so funny.

This last week we saw quite a few miracles in what we were able to accomplish with the help of the Lord in our area with the little time we had to work.  We found great families.  It is so amazing to meet people who are prepared to hear the gospel.  All of our investigators are really new, but we have the faith that they are going to progress.

Everything sounds so exciting out there these days.  I am going to die these next two weeks waiting to hear where Marc and Nic are going.  I was talking to my companion this week about how hard it would be to be a future elder because they have to fill out papers as well and pray to receive answers, but they really don´t have a choice.  It would be hard to really only be able to pray for a confirmation what the Lord has already said they need to do.  Then at the same time it would be easy because it is not like it is a question.  

We need to keep that in mind always.  Sometimes we try to receive an answer to something that we already know.  We are silly sometimes.

This week I got a letter from Ashley Pernyak, but it was from dearelder and had two parts and I only got the part with the spiritual thought.  So if you see Ashley you should tell her to send me an email.  I was also thinking about Paigey Wagner the other day.  Could you get me her email?

Love you all!
Hermana Chloe

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