Monday, March 17, 2014

Tests of Faith


Heavenly Father has really been testing our faith this week. This has been a hard week as I struggle to learn a new area and how to work with a new companion. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday we almost had no lessons.  We walked and walked and walked and clapped doors all day.  Wednesday was hard.  Thursday was hard with blazing sun all day long, and then Friday it rained for the 6 and a half straight hours that we were working after lunch.  We only taught one lesson of about 25 minutes in that whole time in the rain.  And then we ended up the week horribly with all of our key indicators. It got me thinking about our tests of faith.  I have been so committed to doing everything with exact diligence and obedience these past few months that I think that instead of testing my faith so that I could develop patience, now he is testing my faith to see how strong my testimony is.  In the face of these moments, we need to stay strong in our testimonies.  When it becomes harder to do the right thing, that is when our agency is so important.  We need to always remember that just like Satan cannot make the decision for us, neither can our Heavenly Father.  

My area is good, we are finding a lot of new investigators.  I am sure that this will be one of the transfers where I grow the most. I am grateful for the trials that help me to be better. I am also in love with Ammon.  We have been reading in Alma this week.  And the Book of Mormon is so true. I am starting to feel like I will really be able to end the book of Mormon in Spanish this time, since we are already half way done and so far I am going along great. And I understand about everything I read these days. Conference, church manuals, the scriptures.  I guess six months completely immersed in the language really is the ticket.

Love you! 

Hermana Chloe

PS. It took me the whole hour to upload two pictures :( These computers are really bad. I will send pictures of Las Heras and my new companion next week.

Hermana Nielsen and I at the last transfer meeting

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