Monday, March 31, 2014

Menos Palabras, Más Poder. Less Words, More Power.

Or maybe more like ningunas palabras, más poder (no words, more power.) Desperate times, call for desperate measures. Who would have thought that the answer to my prayers would be to lose my voice for 5 days?

I’m doing pretty well today. This last week almost nothing happened because we literally didn't leave the apartment, because I was sick.  After the terrible cold I had last week, I was almost completely better, but I guess I also contracted a virus that made me lose my voice. By Tuesday night, it was completely gone. Impossible to say anything!  So until yesterday night I was instructed by the doctor to not say one word.  NOT one.  I couldn’t talk for like 5 days.  We ended up staying in the pench all week. Awful. I wasn’t able to persuade my companion to do all the talking so we could go out and work; she was more than very reluctant/afraid/determined. But it was probably the biggest blessing in our companionship, because we were able to finally come to an understanding of each other and of our goals together as I listened and listened and listened, unable to talk back. This week, I have greatly improved my listening ability and my skills as a mime :)

The Lord will have a humble people.  Either you can choose to be humble or the Lord will humble you. This was a humbling week for both of us.

So we just hung around the apartment and listened to every Conference session on my iPod (hours and hours every day!).  I am super pumped for Conference this weekend!  We get to go if we complete our key indicators that don’t apply to church attendance by Friday night.  If not, we have to work Saturday to finish.  But I have the faith that we will for sure be able to go to both sessions on Sunday.  We have to travel by train to a chapel about 40 min away.  It will be hard to have people come to church this weekend, but I am so excited.

Marc and Nic are so cute.  This week I had a dream that Nic is going to Australia and Marc to Peru.  So those are officially my guesses. I can’t believe they aren’t getting their calls this week. I don’t think they make calls this week because of Conference, so they could be delayed another two weeks! If they are delayed that long, I wont know where they are going until like the 21st :( I am very sad, but weeks are going faster for me than for you guys.

I seriously have only a little more than four months left of my mission.  Four months.  I am going crazy.  I can’t believe it has been so fast.  

I love you all so much!!

Hermana Chloe

PS.  Thanks to the Montgomerys for my cute Valentine's Day package!
PSS. Remember everyone that I'm not allowed any more packages because of the new shipping restrictions in Argentina.
PSSS. I'm still holding out hope that I will receive the last package that Grandma Sue sent me.
PSSSS. Maybe I will find a better computer next week so that I can send pictures :)

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