Monday, April 7, 2014

Love you, Marc and Nic!!


I am in Ramos today so internet is fast, and I could watch the videos!! Thank you, Camron, for sending the video! I definitely started crying in the cyber!!! Don't worry I got the whole thing on tape! Love you, Marc and Nic!! I am so happy for you, Chile and Peru. Guess I'll see you in two years!!  How are you feeling, Mom? Just thinking about them leaving makes me cry as I am writing this.

My email is going to be short this week because I am probably going to spend the whole time watching the videos over and over of my brothers' mission calls today.  I know that everybody is super excited that we are all South American and Spanish (and I am too), but I also had another thought when I read that: "Looks like I´m not the only one that needed to learn humility." Haha. But really I am so excited for you Marc and Nic! Jealous that you guys still have your 24 months.  I am excited to speak some Spanish with you in a month so you can hear what you are in for. Just in case you wanted to know, Nic, in Argentine Spanish your mission is called Wancuysho. Haha.  

I know that all of my emails have been a little distant lately, but I feel like that is a direct result of just dropping everything and moving closer to the Lord.  There have been a lot of trials that have come with this last transfer, and I have had an amazing increase in strength with my realtionship with my Father in Heaven.  He has helped me feel His love and your prayers to keep going.  Just know that I am forgetting everything in a quest to find better. 

I loved Conference.  I think that President Monson and the Presiding Bishop were my favorites.  If my life is only four minutes, then my time in the mission is like 13 seconds, and I better make the most of every second. I loved that whole analogy.  I also loved President Monson because his talk was the answer to one of the questions that I brought to Conference.  I wanted to know if there is something more that Heavenly Father expects me to learn or start learning on my mission.  I got a very clear answer that it is charity.  So I will be studying up on that one for the next four months.

Love you all! Loved Conference! Neither my companion nor I are being transferred. We shall see what is in store this transfer for Hermana Figueroa and I.


Hermana Chloe

The hermanas at training.

The hermanas in my District.

The hermanas in Las Heras.

Hermana Figueroa y yo.

My crazy district leaders on the left.

My zone! We had a soccer tournament! My team won the world cup!

Silly companions.

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