Monday, April 14, 2014

I Don't Know What I'm Going to Do about the Cold!!

Hello all!

This week we were confronted with something that I have not yet encountered on my mission: Cold! Because I had to wait for my visa, I was in the States for spring, summer, and part of fall, and then came to Argentina for spring, summer, and fall.  But now that fall is in full swing and we are approaching winter, I am getting more and more scared. I am cold.  On Saturday when we had 0 new investigators and really had to go out searching, it was so cold and super, super windy with a little bit of rain.  Every time someone rejected us I was just thinking “Do you not have a soul? Look at us out here in the cold, windy rain. You’re really not going to let us inside for a minute?”  I kinda feel like a real missionary--real missionaries go searching in the rain! Haha. But really, I’m nervous about my first winter. 

We had a hard week, but like always we made it through.  Mom, you asked about miracles, and so I thought of a spiritual experience yesterday that was amazing.  It is something that happens all the time, but it always surprises me and is always a miracle. It is true that when it comes to missionary work that if you “open your mouth, it shall be filled.”  So yesterday at the end of the day, we had a lesson planned in the house of members.  These members are legit the mom is a member for many years, and her son is a 23 year old return missionary and our ward mission leader.  The dad, however, is not a member, but super awesome as well!  Last week our WML invited his dad to come watch conference, and he came! Yay! Yesterday, we stopped by to talk about Conference and living prophets with them.  It was great our WML and his girlfriend shared what they learned, and the mom, and then the dad said, “I don´t know they all talked about good stuff, but I didn’t really learn much because it all seemed to be directed to the youth.”

After that moment it was a little hard to feel the spirit, but my companion is a champ and thanked them and shared our message about prophets.  After she finished she looked at me obviously saying that it was my turn to talk.  I had nothing to say but knew that what that father needed was to feel the spirit.  I started thanking all of them for their comments and what I had learned from what they shared. I thanked our WML for his comments about worthiness and the priesthood, his girlfriend for what she shared about the power of receiving answers to questions, and the mom for talking about the love and charity.  And related all of those back to how we just really need to align our lives to be more Christlike.  Then, I turned to the father. (And what I am about to describe was all the spirit not me.) I said, “And thank you Hermano for sharing your thoughts about how they were talking about the youth.  You are right, they did talk to the youth, and that is probably the biggest example that we have that there are true living prophets and apostles living today.”  There was silence--that was a bold statement and the spirit just entered the room like a semi truck, I have no idea what I am going to say next but continue, “Because I don`t know about you, but I think that if these were normal 80-year-old men and women they would not know what to say to the youth of this generation, if they did not receive revelation-- Directly. From. God.”  I continued on that for a little and finished with my testimony of our prophet and his apostles and everyone, but especially me were shocked. It was amazing. “Open your mouth, and it will be filled.” When we walked out of the lesson Hermana Figueroa said, “Wow, I have never thought of that point before Hermana that was perfect.”  Still stunned, I said, “Neither have I.” I said a prayer of gratitude to my Father in Heaven for the divine revelation that I had received in that moment.

Other than that we just see miracles everyday and are busy doing to work of the Lord.  With only four months left I am getting tempted to lie and say that I only have 9 months in the mission, because if I tell another missionary that I have 14, they call me a grandma :)

Have a great spring break! I love you all!

Hermana Chloe

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