Monday, September 9, 2013

Park City

Hello from Park City!! 

When I got transferred last week I was so sad, and I never imagined that this would be where I ended up! Together with Sister Zeiner, we are taking over the Park City Stake and the Family Tree Center on Main Street! I have received the exact opposite of what I expected. I was expecting the dusty streets of Argentina and have gotten the mansions in the mountains in Park City.  It is like a different world here.  I forget all the time that I am still in Utah.  We live in a cute little barn.  Seriously little, but it is perfect, and we have to climb up a ladder to a loft to get into bed. haha. 

I am working on the east side of the Park City Stake in the Park City Ward, Snyderville Ward, the Silver Creek Ward, and the Park City YSA Treasure Mountain Ward.  We spend half of our time working with the wards and the other half in the Family Tree Center.  It is right on main street and is so cute.  We take people on tours and help them do family history, and I am having an amazing time! 

My new companion, Sister Zeiner, is seriously amazing. She is from Connecticut and went to BYU-I before her mission for three years.  I love her! She has been out for over a year and served in the visitor’s center for 7 months in the beginning of her mission.  The other three companionships in the Tree are training so we are the most experienced companionship here. We are perfect for each other! I really miss my friends from last transfer, but since I had to leave Cottonwood, I'm glad to be here!

Our wards are awesome! We were able to talk with the Snyderville activity day girls, and all of them remind me of Anna.  Thinking of Anna made me so sad! But those cute girls are my new little best friends.  This is the strangest mission ever.  My area is smack in the middle of Park City.  Technically even the visitors’ ward is my area, although we don't really do anything there.  I have the view of beautiful slopes.  The members are amazing, and are trying so hard to get us work.  Just for the record, yes, I am again in English.  It is awesome though because I am so excited for Sister Zeiner and I to white wash Park City. I miss Cottonwood! But at least I was once again put somewhere amazing with my best friend of 5 days, Sister Zeiner! I'll let you all know where things go from here!

No one is allowed to feel sorry for me for being a visa waiter anymore. Get over it!!  I have!! 


Sister Walker

ps. I get a new tag again, this one will say Park City Family Tree Center underneath my name!  So I’ll have an Hermana Walker Spanish tag, a Sister Walker English tag, and now a Sister Walker Visitor’s Center tag!

Goodbye to Sister Guerra :(
pss. My clothes are a problem.  They are for Argentina, and I am currently in the opposite of that in a Visitors Center in Park City!  The least Heavenly Father could have done is warn me about my wardrobe. haha! 

psss. Grandma Leslie, I'm praying for you to get better soon.

Goodbye to the Crowleys :(

Saw my mission mom, trainer, Sister Corralles, at transfers :)
The mission president from The District Movie. We went to lunch on the golf course at the Park City Hotel on Thursday, and he was eating there too! I know I live a rough life. hahaha!
Park City Missionaries
My View! 
Sister Zeiner and I at the Tree!

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