Monday, September 2, 2013

Change Overload

Dear family,

I am being transferred again :(

6 months, 2 missions, 2 mission presidents, 4 areas, 7 companions, 2 languages, 5 times moved.  I have set a record for most changes for sure! And I hate change. I am trying to learn to embrace change, but I guess I have a lot to learn.

I will send you a letter tomorrow to tell you where I am.  Yesterday we had a guy who was at church for the first time in 15 years.  We also have had so much luck with the members.  I can't even believe the way that missionary work has turned around in this stake! Before long this stake will be the best in all of Utah.  This going to be a really sad day.  We have to go say goodbye to so many people tonight.  

I love the people in the Cottonwood area so much!  I have loved living with the Bagleys--they are soooo awesome.  There are just so many people I am going to miss.  I would just love to spend more than 6 weeks in an area.  I am sad and am feeling change overload.

I have had some wonderful experiences this transfer.  For those of you who read the blog, please know that I can't share most of them out of respect for the privacy of the awesome people I am teaching in Utah.  I have seen many miracles and know that God loves and knows His children.  I really do love this work!

Sister Walker

ps. I have no idea where I am being transferred, but maybe I'll be transferred to a Spanish area.

pss. I speak no Spanish :(  

psss. I need to practice because I won't have much time in Argentina to learn the language.  (If I ever get there.) We'll shall see what happens.

psss. I am going to buy myself something pink to make me feel better.

pssss.  I am still Chloe :)

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