Monday, August 26, 2013

Loving and Lucky to be in Cottonwood


First off, I have been trying so hard, but I was having a really bad week. Apparently, I must have looked awful because every elder was asking if I needed a blessing.  Finally, on Tuesday I decided I wanted a blessing, but I was too awkward to ask, so I just said a prayer that our zone leaders would ask.  It took the kids two days but finally they did. Hahaha.  Elder Smith is one of our zone leaders and our only advocate from the Salt Lake Mission in this Salt Lake South Mission territory.  He is also a future patriarch. He said a lot of things that really comforted me. I guess we sometimes have trials because it helps us to turn to the Lord for help. It was a legit blessing!

Mom, you asked why Hispanics are so good at missionary work.  I will try and dissect it for you.  First, most of them are converts.  They are able to think back to their lives without the gospel, and they want others to have it.  Second, the Hispanics I have met also don't only associate with LDS people.  They have so many friends, and if you are their friends they want to share the best part of their lives with you, the gospel.  Third, someone getting offended doesn't even cross their mind. And in turn the one getting invited understands how important the gospel is to their friend, so they don’t get offended that someone shares it with them. I was really sad to leave the Granite Park Ward, and so maybe I was a little hard on my new area at first. But I have really grown to love the Cottonwood Area, and I feel so lucky to be in this area.  Everyone is really trying hard to make missionary work a big part of their lives!

Thanks for the back to school pictures.  Marc and Nic and Anna look so cute! Tell the boys they did a good job on picking out shoes without me. I can't believe that school has begun! I missed the whole summer, haha.  Let Anna know that I will be there next year.  Tell her that she is beautiful and skinny and her hair looks beautiful!

We are off to go hike, but it's going to be an exciting week.  Hike today, exchanges on Wednesday, and zone conference mission tour on Friday.

Love you all!!  I'm excited for KK, and everyone else!!! Thanks for the letters Sister Morgan, and Goodfellow. 

Have a great week! 


Sister Chloe

This picture is what I looked like getting ready for the hike today, hahaha.  Of course I curled my hair!

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