Monday, August 5, 2013

Blessed and Happy

Family and Friends,

I am enjoying serving in Cottonwood Heights, but still missing serving with the Spanish wards and with the Latino people.  I’m just saying, they really know how to do missionary work, and we could learn a lot from them.

Thanks for getting my hair appointment, Mom.  It will be awesome to have it done for the first time in 6 months! Random question, how is Anne Hathaway’s hair looking these days after Les Mis and cutting it off?  Will you please send a picture of how it’s growing out?  Just curious :-)

Okay, back to missionary stuff.  Yesterday in Relief Society we were talking about death.  Apparently that was the lesson.  The teacher had us pull out our scriptures to read.  This old lady raised her had to read and before she did she said, "Oh, I have this one highlighted as a funeral scripture."  She proceeded to tell us that she has been to so many funerals that she has started marking all the scriptures that are used a lot for funerals in a certain color.  That is an awesome old lady.

We have been working a lot with less actives still.  Everyone is doing great. We had four at church yesterday.  It is so hard to stay busy every hour of the day.  We just don't have enough work yet, but we are trying so hard! Hopefully, going to the temple this morning will keep us motivated to keep moving forward.

The Secretary from our mission presidency called me this week and after hearing that I know nothing about the status of my visa, he decided to call Norma over at the Church Travel Office.  She was like, “Oh, the East mission.  We know Sister Nielsen and Sister Walker need to get out of there, and we are doing everything we can!  We have hired a lawyer, and he is working and trying to get them down there any way he can.” I'm not too optimistic that I’ll leave this month, but considering that a week from tomorrow is 6 months, I thought people might like an update.

You can send me mail to my address.  Thanks for the package Mom and Dad!  I love your present Dad:) Maybe someday I will get to use your stuff mom...but I may have already eaten some of the gluten free bars, and they were delicious! 

I love you all.  Missionary work is hard, but I am blessed and happy. Have an awesome week.  Sorry so little time today--got to run to my hair appointment :-) Good luck with soccer, Marc and Nick.  Have fun at dance, Anna.  Suerte with finals, Camron.  And I am praying for you dad!

Sister Walker

ps. I haven't gotten my "Sister Walker" tag yet, but I will for sure take a picture when I do.

pss. Went to the Salt Lake Temple today.  It was great as always! We are so blessed here in the East where we can attend the temple.
Brunch with a family in one of our wards after a missionary meeting :)
My Castle!

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