Monday, February 24, 2014

A Joyful Missionary


I have been thinking about the joy of being a missionary.  When I look at what I am doing, from the perspective of the world, I have a hard time believing how rewarding it is and how happy I am.  I am currently doing the exact opposite of what the normal person my age is doing, the exact opposite of what the world says we need to do to be happy. And yet I am happier than ever.  When I think about how as part of Heavenly Father's plan, there are people waiting for me to find them it makes everything worth it.  It makes obedience not even an option.  Diligence to work hard until the end tampoco is not a an option.  I think my favorite story is when we found Florentina and Pedro.  They had never heard of the restored gospel, and when we walked into the house the first thing Florentina said is that she was Catholic and never going to change.  Then, only about 15 minutes later I wached tears fill her eyes as I recited Joseph Smith's words of the First Vision--in that moment we all felt the spirit. I love teaching something so familiar to me, to people who have never heard of it.  The gospel is true.

I am getting transferred on Wednesday, and I am feeling very sentimental about 9 de Julio.  Yesterday, for the record, there were 51 people in church.  With about 20 children in the primary--the very same primary that had 3 children my first Sunday. 15 women in the Relief Society, the same Relief Society that had 5 people including my companion and me my first Sunday.  President Carter said that if we can keep only these 51 people going they can start construction on the chapel in 9 de Julio in June.  I am going to leave behind a big chunk of my heart here.  

Hermana Walker
Adorable children and kittens :)

Had to say goodbye to Florentina and Pedro :(

I did Ines hair one last time.
Ward Mission Leader, Hermana Cordova y yo

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