Monday, February 3, 2014

The Carters in 9 de Julio

Hello everyone!

A quick review of this week before yesterday: we found, taught, prepared people for baptism, got rejected a whole bunch, studied, said prayers, walked, ate, and slept.  Also it rained a lot, and on Saturday we had the flu.  My companion is still suffering form a variety of sicknesses.

Surprise! We had a wonderful surprise yesterday!!! When we walked into our house/chapel at 8:45, President and the Hermana Carter were there!!! YAY! YAY! HAHA!!!! If you were in almost the furthest area away from the mission headquarters, you would be happy too if you saw the mission president on your home turf! The spirit in our little casilla (casa and capilla) was so so, so, so, so strong. It was just a testimony meeting, but it was one of the most spiritually uplifting sacrament meetings of my mission.  And in a mission with over 250 missionaries, it was such a treat to just be sharing president between the four missionaries in 9 de Julio.  After the meeting, president told us to head home and we had 10 minutes to prepare our apartment for an inspection.  This could be like the scariest thing ever for some missionaries, but our apartment is probably the most new and beautiful one in the mission, and we always keep it really clean.  We spiffed it up, and President and the Hermana came and visited us in our apartment!  They walked around and were so impressed by our apartment.  President said it was one of the best in the mission, and said, "We could put two more hermanas in here"...vamos a ver. Then, we took turns having interviews with president, and talking with the Hermana.  And it was all very special. I loved having the chance to visit with both of them. They are the best! I asked president to never take me out of 9 de julio! We shall see.

This week we have been feasting upon the words of Christ as we read the Book of Mormon as a mission.  I have admired greatly how Nephi exemplifies a real person with Christlike attributes.  Chapter 4 of Second Nephi is a perfect example of this.  Nephi is a boss, but he also is humble in his testimony.  He knows and has seen all the people who are going to read his words, and he still writes the he has sins, and temptations.  And then just how the words of Christ and the scriptures and the knowledge of the glory of God bring his life joy! 

May we all be a little more like NEPHI!

Hermana Walker

PS. I forgot my card reader again, but Sister Carter took some pictures for her trip to the beautiful 9 de Julio. So look for them on her blog. For Sister Carter's Blog click here-->Sister Carter's Blog

PSS. The glamorous Chloe is completely gone.  Lately with the rain and the heat, it doesn't do any good to do my hair or makeup. So I don't take many pictures, but I'll try and be better this week. 

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