Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Months Done!! WHAT??

Dear friends and family,

No visa yet, but the big story from this week was we had three baptisms on Saturday! The Sister H. who has been investigating the gospel for over 3 years was finally able to be baptized.  She decided on Tuesday, and she and two of her children were baptized on Saturday.  I feel so blessed to be the set of missionaries that got to be here when it finally happened, so many people have been a part of this and it was so great.  For someone that was supposed to be having a great day, it really turned for her.  Her husband left her. (He was supposed to be getting baptized too.)  He literally left her, left a little money, and left for Mexico.  This was just hours before her baptism.  Sister H. has a spine injury from a car accident and cannot walk, stand, or move very well.  She is not only monetarily dependent on her husband but is physically dependent.  And he left her.  But she still showed up to her own baptism, full of the spirit, and grateful that she could finally be baptized.  She was baptized strapped to a chair by four men.  She came out of the water crying.  In her confirmation the next day, she was told that the Lord knows of the trials in her life, and that He is pleased with her decision to be baptized and will strengthen her through the Holy Ghost that she now has to make it through all the trials of her life.  So beautiful.  There were lots of tears this weekend!!!! Can't believe that this transfer I have been able to see four investigators make the decision and follow the spirit to be baptized.

We also have a new investigator.  She is on date for June 1st. The couple I told you about have decided that they need to get married, so she can get baptized.  So that is going to be planned as soon as her divorce (which should come in any day) comes through.  All of these great things are happening, but it is so sad because probably Sister Corrales or I will leave Wednesday.

Wednesday is transfer day.  I will send you a letter as soon as I find out where I am.  Odds are I will be the one that stays in Layton, but you never know.  Our mission is getting 20 new visa waiters.  I hear that our mission in Argentina is desperate for more missionaries, so even though I love it here, I hope that I get to leave soon.  

Nick, Marc, Anna, Camron-I love you so much.  Sorry if you never hear from me.  I feel like I have only been out for a week so the time warp affects letters.
Bella- You are beautiful, don't forget it
Brody- You are not the brightest crayon in the box, but you are cute and I love you.
Mom- That is amazing about women's conference.  I wish I could have been there too. Glad you got to sharpen your saw :)

I love you all!! This week I have been practicing patience in all it's forms.  It is not always easy, and it doesn't even make you happy really in the short or long run, but I think that it is helping my life be more stress free.  

Love you all,
Hermana Chloe

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