Monday, May 20, 2013

THIS week in Layton


We went to the temple this morning so I am getting online a little later.  We went to the Salt Lake Temple as you can see from the pictures :) President and Sister Winn were there because it is their last transfer before their mission is over.  I ended up sitting by Sister Winn the whole session, and it was fun. Sister Adorable and I are killing it with 4 people on date. We will hopefully have four more by this Sunday, which is our goal.  Because we get along so well and work so hard, Satan is working super hard on us, but we keep pushing through.  This last week I was super sick.  The flu.  I didn't eat anything from Sunday until about Thursday.

Best news of the week is that A. is getting baptized.  She finally decided that she wanted to marry her boyfriend, and their wedding is on Friday.  Then, she is getting baptized on Saturday.  This is all only going to happen if her divorce comes through, but it will because we scheduled everything in pen in our planners, so ya:)  But prayers for everything would be much appreciated.

M. is still on date.  Her daughter is so cute and super excited about her getting baptized. And we have other investigators who are progressing.  Our biggest problem is getting people to church, but that is going to be a big focus of our work this week.

Anna's dance was killer; she and Kamry look like the same person. They are sooo good. That triple turn was unreal!!  Good luck with the rest of school.  Marc and Nic I pray for you and your grades and your makeup work every day.  You can do it, don't lose the vision of what you have been working for.  

Sister Adorable and I have been putting a lot of focus on planning.  We work to have four set of appointments, and one finding activity every single day.  And we find a new family and ask someone to be baptized every single day.  It sounds like it would be super hard, but once you go for two weeks and the Lord trusts you to keep your goals, he starts to bless you to find more of his children. 

Thanks for my package grandma.  I went and picked it up from my old house! You are the greatest.  Awesome news about state swim, and congrats for playing pretty well (especially considering the wrist injuries) in golf Marc.  

Our house of four girls is amazing.  We all get along so well.  I love them.  Sister Adorable had a bunny pee on her this week.  It was super funny.  I am doing well with no gluten.  It is so weird how sick it makes me.  Let me know if you have any questions.  Enjoy the heat.  It is cold here and rains a lot. Nevada is the world’s greatest state.  Overall, things are going great.  It will go even better when A.'s divorce comes through, and I can sleep again.  


Hermana Chloe.
My Doctrines of Christ Board :)
The sisters I live with.  Sister Cleveland of course! Sister Arias her 
Temple Square companion. Sister Adorable and I!

My District!!
PS. It's been raining a lot lately.  It rained super hard this past week, and I wore your old pink London Fog raincoat I brought with me.  It didn't keep away the wet.  It just soaked into my coat.  Maybe it just has lost the waterproof coating over time.  If it's not too much trouble will you please send me a new one.  Could you get me one with a hood?  Thanks.  You know what I like :)

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