Monday, April 22, 2013

Gettin' Down to Business


Let’s get down to business. As requested, I will describe my typical day:)
Our room :)

6:30 wake up and work out
7-8 get ready and eat
8-9 personal study
9-10 companion study
10-11 1st 12 weeks study
11-12 lunch
12-1 language study
1-5 out teachin’ and such
5-6 dinner
6-8:40 teachin’ and such
8:40-9 pick up the other sisters and drive home
9-9:30 daily planning
9:30-10:30 get ready for bed
10:30 sleep

*Sundays and days with district meetings are a little different, but this is the typical day.

How was my week? This has been a great Week! 

We have a baptism this Sunday; that's how last week went!! Surprise! More for me than for you.  Her name is B., and she is a 13 year old girl in one of the wards we cover.  The bishop gave us this long list, and said, "I give this same list to every set of missionaries." She has been going to church every week for over a year.  Last year she went to girls' camp.  She goes to the temple with the Beehives, and sits outside and waits for them.  The problem has always been her parents giving permission, or at least that is what the bishop said.  He said that every set of missionaries in the area for the last year have tried her, but haven't even been allowed inside to teach her.  When we showed up to her house, we didn't know what to expect.  Let me tell you I have never met anyone more prepared for the gospel.  She was literally waiting for us.  We walked up to the front door, and she opened before we could even knock.  We were in the home 5 minutes before we had the written permission of her parents for her to be taught and baptized, and the date was set for May 11.  

The next day we had our first lesson.  That next day her mother told us that May 11th would never work, and that it will just have to be sometime in August.  This made B. super sad.  For some reason we suggested the 27th of April which seemed crazy, but her mom said that wouldn't work, but that the 28th would work! So B. will be baptized this Sunday 10 days after we first met her.  I will be there when she gets baptized! I can't believe that I have been blessed to be part of this story! And she speaks English, so I have actually taught a lot.  About half of the lessons we teach to others are in in Spanish.

M. and her family are doing amazing.  We taught them about the power of God (priesthood) this week, and I can't wait to go back tomorrow and teach again.  

Sister H. has not yet heard about being baptized in her wheel chair.

Church is great.  We go to the whole Spanish ward, and part of a couple of English wards.

Commitment:  I know everyone already knows this, but I would like you to recommit yourselves to keeping the Sabbath day holy. It is a commandment.  Go read that section and the scriptures about it in Preach My Gospel.

This week we took the C. family to a play called “Savior of the World” in Bountiful.  It was great. I met someone there named Earl Atwood who apparently knows Brother Stubbs from the Marines. He said to tell him "Semper Fi". I don't know why I remember that, but I thought that would give Brother Stubbs a laugh. haha!

I can't believe I am going to miss this weekend back home--dance recital and prom.  This is one that I am super sad about.  You all are going to have so much fun, think of me mucho, and take lots of pictures.


Hermana Chloe

PS. About the meeting with the consulate--First, we were fingerprinted and filled out a form. Second, we all went up individually and had to sign three papers in front of the consular agent, and the signatures all had to match. Third, he checked our form and our fingerprints, then he signed it.  The earliest I will leave for Argentina is May 8th, transfer day.  If my visa comes after that day I will leave immediately after I receive my visa :)

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