Monday, April 8, 2013

One week down in Layton!

So first off, I meet with the Consulate tomorrow!!! We did our fingerprints on Friday, and we finally meet with the guy tomorrow.  We will be staying for at least one transfer, but that is good news: the process is started!

Second, my week was great! I was able to go to the Saturday morning session of Conference!! AND the blankets were amazing!!!  I am warm if I wrap them all around me like a cocoon. haha. Yeah for a warm night's sleep! And yeah for cousins who come to the rescue!  I got the blankets on Monday.  They (Cortney and Robert) dropped them off when we were at appointments, and when we came back the package was on our front mat. It was absolutely perfect!!   Talk about ask and ye shall receive! Thanks, Cortney, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. 

Third, Conference was amazing! We started off by attending the Saturday morning session. It was great!! And it was so cool to get to be there for Conference.  We watched Saturday afternoon in the assembly hall in Spanish with some investigators, but luckily I was able to get some head phones to listen in English.  Even my companion, who Spanish is her first language, likes to listen in English.  We watched Sunday morning at another investigator’s house, and then Sunday afternoon in the Joseph Smith memorial building, because we had investigators who were in the Conference Center.  The same family went to Saturday am and Sunday pm. They are the M. family, and there are 5 in their family.  Basically, Sister M. really loves her church, but has some problems with a few of their doctrines specifically about heaven so she has been interested in what the lds church has to say about it for awhile.  Essentially she has committed to wanting to be sealed in the temple with her family, but we cannot get her to understand the authority of the church and why she must be baptized again.  So that is where we are stuck, but I have no doubt that they will be members at some point. The other family is the H. family, they have been investigating the church for a while, but couldn't get baptized because one of them needed a divorce so they could get married. (I guess this is extremely common.)  Finally, in January the divorce came through and they were married.  One week later Sister H. was in a car accident and hurt her back, she is now on bed rest, and her doctors have told her that she cannot be baptized until she has recovered.  Her husband is determined to wait until she is better to get baptized.  They are amazing, and I have no doubt they will be baptized as soon as it is allowed.

I had a real test of my faith this week.  We had four investigators who really wanted tickets to the Sunday pm session of conference.  They didn't say so until Saturday.  This is all but impossible.  Sister Corrales texted the district leader and asked if there was any way he could find some.  He called later while she was driving, and I talked to him on the phone.  He told me that he did not have tickets, but instructed me that I was to call the mom of the family and tell her that we had 4 tickets for the Sunday pm session, and that we will meet at her house at 12 to drive there.  We did what he said, but I was  doubtful.  I prayed and hoped that we would some how find them tickets.  It wasn't until Sunday at about 11:45 that we got a text message that said some missionaries had four extra tickets and asked our district leader if he wanted them.  I could not believe it.  So we showed up at their house at 12 with tickets, and they will never know the difference.  However, I know that the only way that happened was because Heavenly Father wanted them to go.  If it is His will; it CAN be done.  I guess this is my advice for the week.  Have faith that the will of the Lord can be done.  God's plans do no fail.

This is going to be an exciting week.  We are in Salt Lake today for the temple! Which by the way the Salt Lake Temple is amazing!!  Funny though that I am still partial to the Las Vegas :) This is my fourth day in Salt Lake, Friday for fingerprinting, Saturday and Sunday for Conference, Tomorrow for the consulate, and on Thursday we will be back down for Zone Conference! Exciting Week!! Next week will be a drag, false, it will be great because we will get to teach more lessons! I am working on my optimism. haha.

My companion is 24, she is from Colorado, and she went to school for Criminal Justice. We get along great! I am SUPER SUPER lucky to have her as a companion.
Hope everything is going well back home! Can you believe that I will have been gone for two months on Wednesday!?! I sure can't; it feels like a week.  Which is probably why I haven't written letters to as many people as I should have.  So sorry! I love you all and will send many letters in the coming week.  Thanks so much for the package mom!  The letters from you and grandma and toothpaste from Dr. Simister were exactly what I needed but didn't know I needed.
Last thing, one of the stones fell out of my CTR ring, if I send it back can you get me a new one! I love this ring.  It made me cry.


Hermana Chloe
Look who I saw at Conference.  Sister Bryce, my favorite teacher from the MTC!

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