Monday, June 3, 2013

4 Months on the Mish, and Almost to Argentina


So it's official, and we are leaving Monday morning, June the 17th, with the final destination of Buenos Aires Argentina!  It is weird.  I just thought that eventually they would tell me that I was never going, but here I come.  Sister Winn said that we are all to be prepared to leave at 8 am on the 17th.  I don't have my actual itinerary yet, so I don't know exactly when I can call home.  I think I am ready to go, just a few last minute things.  I would like my white collared shirt that I think I left hanging up in the Laundry room, and my random gray shorts from Target if you can find them.  I also heard that there is something that you can clip to your backpack that will repel all bugs. I need one of those.  I also need a camera charger because I lost mine.  I am not really sure what would be the best way to do it because I don't know how to best charge my camera in Argentina, but problem I forgot my camera so I will let you know what kind I need next week, and then you can like amazon ship it. And when is Camron coming back to Utah? Because if I have Sister Adorable take my stuff to the mission office on transfers, could he come pick it up?

This week was rough.  The fourth week of the transfer is always the worst.  Basically A.'s divorce is not yet in, and M. didn't show up to her own baptism.  Depressing.  But we continue to be busy, and I am excited for the two weeks we have left together in Layton.

Something I have neglected to mention is the problem Sister Adorable and I have when it comes to members of the opposite gender.  One of our most notable experiences with this problem has been our investigator M.  The first time we saw M. he jogged past us, jumped up onto an electrical box, and then started doing pushups in front of us.  Obvious is an understatement.  As we continued to walk down the street he ran past us another 4 times, before he went away for a while.  We thought we were home free, but then he came back with two glasses of juice for us.  He gave them to us and then said he would be back for the cups later.  Well he did, and out in the open public we talked to him for a while, invited him to be baptized, and he is coming to church on Sunday.  To be safe we are giving him to the YSA Elders, but it is still super funny.  He found out that I was going to Argentina and was upset.  He asked if he could come visit me.  Sister Adorable and I laughed like we thought it was a joke and moved on.  But ya this is just a representation of what happens at least once a day.  I guess this a common problem for the sister missionaries that I just hadn't anticipated. 

We had quite a few miracles this week.  One was the fact that I had to go to the doctor. (No big deal; I just have an infected bug bite.)  When we arrived at urgent care my nurse ended up being a referral that I had only met one time.  We talked, and she invited Sister Adorable and I to her wedding the next day, and we met her two unbaptized daughters :) Even going to the doctor is a blessing on a mission.  I am a firm believer that nothing on a mission is coincidence. 

We continue to invite people to be baptized, and find new families.  I know that if we just keep up the obedience and the diligence that Heavenly Father will lead us to those who are prepared.  I am reading through all of General Conference again, and have grown quite fond of Elder Scott's talk.  Go read it it is amazing! It brings to your mind so many things you can improve on.  

I love you all,
xoxo Hermana Chloe

p.s. I am actually leaving the country in less than two weeks...just saying. Cheaper stamps here in the U.S. to mail me letters before I go :)
p.s.s. Good luck Marc and Nic with school
p.s.s.s. Anna you are beautiful, and I am so sad that I missed your dance recital.  I know you were amazing.  I love you so much sissy.

The awesome Sister Adorable and I

Here is a picture with Sister Isaacson (Her husband is one of our Bishops).  Since I am currently in mission limbo as a visa waiter, I consider them my mission mom and dad.
Sisters' Meeting!  Pedicures!

 The Sisters of the Utah Salt Lake City Mission!

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