Monday, June 24, 2013

The First (and I hope only) Kiss on the Lips of my Mission


So I have been transferred from Layton to South Salt Lake/Millcreek area meaning that in a couple of days I will be in a new mission because my mission is being divided.  Part of the Salt Lake Mission and part of the Salt Lake South Mission are being divided to form the new Utah Salt Lake City East Mission.  By the time I'm done in Argentina, I will have been in 3 missions (and served under 4 mission presidents.)  Currently, I have three companions and we split up for work during the day. My companions are Sister Guerra.........Sister Corrales.........And Sister Nielsen.  It is like a novella here because Corrales has served with Guerra and me, and I have served with Corrales and Nielsen, and now we are all serving together!

I am serving in the Granite Ward in the Granite Park Stake. So far the work has been great.  Just since getting here on Wednesday we have put three people on date, and an awesome lady came to church yesterday with us.  There is a lot more finding potential here than in Layton.  We don't have a car so we walk everywhere.  We don't have a washer and dryer so we go to a laundry mat, and other things are a lot different than cushy Layton.

I am still getting over the anxiety of transfers.  After transfers it seemed like I had a permanent sick stomach over all of the change.  And since this is only a 5 week transfer and with the mission split, I am anticipating more change pretty soon.  If I do get my visa and stay until the end of the transfer that will only be 4 weeks from today.  I am not really thinking about that anymore though.  I am getting over not leaving, and I have already met people here that I know that I needed to meet.

All of those missionary farewells must have been amazing, I can't believe that so many people are stepping up and choosing to serve.  I wish I could have seen all the Swarts family.  Good luck to Andrew, and Aubrey, I love you!  Hang in there. Good luck with your surgery.

Boulder City is awesome.  I can't believe that the boys who used to hang out in my basement with my little brothers are going to be missionaries.  I want one of the ones who hasn't been called yet to come to Buenos Aires with me! Or Salt Lake because this place is great too.

I will just share for you one funny story of the week.  This week I was kissed on the lips by a man from Africa.  No that is not a joke.  Sister Nielsen and I were walking home from an appointment, and we talked to this group of guys on the street.  One of them was a 25 year old guy named Omar.  He was from Africa and had a cool accent.  We shared the restoration with them, and then we had to go because we were late.  We went to shake their hands before we left, and once Omar was already shaking my hand he pulled me in for what I thought was going to be a cheek kiss. As I was awkwardly trying to pull away, he said this is how we do it in my culture.  Then instead of a side kiss, he kissed me right on the lips!  It all happened so fast.  After that we walked away, and as soon as we got around the corner, Sister Nielsen and I ran home (because we were late) and then did the freak out scene when we got back to the apartment. 

That is about as good as it is going to get for this week.  I love the scriptures, and I am still trying to get through the Book of Mormon in Spanish. It is going really slow, but my goal is my birthday (November 15th) so we will see. Hey maybe I might be in Argentina then too.  I love you all stay safe.  Pray that I don't have any more people kiss me :)


Hermana Chloe
MTC Buddies!  Sister Nielsen is again one of my companions!
Sister Adorable and Elder Verges--I'm going to miss them so much!
Yes, that's me in a shopping cart with Sister Corrales pushing.  Like I said, we walk everywhere.

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