Monday, June 10, 2013

Off to Argentina. Maybe?


I had a good week.  I hope I am leaving on Monday, but I haven't gotten my travel itinerary yet!  Two weeks ago or so my status on my mission portal and for the mission president changed from Salt Lake City Mission back to Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission.  Sister Winn and everyone said that is because I got my visa.  The mission president got an email to be prepared to transport us to the airport on Monday.  My roommate/companion, Sister Cleveland, got an official itinerary emailed to the mission office last week.  Of the 21 visa waiters going to Argentina, all but a few of us, got official travel information.  They are all leaving for sure on Monday at 8:00 AM.  They say I might still get travel plans for Monday.  

Pray for travel plans.  I refuse to let myself even think that I am not leaving.  SO I am packing today with Sister Cleveland.  I am hopeful that I am leaving. I am hopeful that it is all but a sure thing.  Especially since I don't think that I could handle if it wasn't.

If my travel plans come, I'm sure I'll be able to call and let you know.  In the very least, I will have Bishop Isaacson call and let you know when to expect my phone call on Monday from Atlanta :)  Positive thinking.  Faith.  12 weeks is long enough to wait.  18 weeks might put me over the edge; however, I am getting very good with patience and waiting.  This uncertainty is SOO stressful!!!

I had a good week and have a lot to tell you, but I'm almost out of time because I sent so many pictures and because I can't seem to formulate a rational sentence.  I am stressed, and I just want to go to Argentina.  I have loved my time in Salt Lake Mission as you know, but the uncertainty is difficult.  So check Sister Adorable's blog or Sister Cleveland's blog for more of what we did this week.  

I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers.

Hermana Chloe
My roommates/companions.  We're cute; I know :)

The District!  We love each other!

The lovely Sister Adorable and I.  Yes, I am wearing pink and red and Sister Adorable is wearing an animal print skirt :)  We are twin sisters separated in heaven.

This is my dear Sister Cleveland.  We have been roommates for 3 months.  She is one of my best friends, and I am so grateful for her.  I love her!

Don't really know what to say about this one :)

Dirt. Gross. One day we did a service project and planted sod: longest 7 hours of my life!  On the bright side, I am getting really tan and really strong.  My brothers would have been shocked to see me carry giant rolls of sod :)

We all made it out alive. Somehow.

Then the next day for 6 hours we moved Angie.  I will never make up for how tired I am.

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