Monday, January 6, 2014



I cannot tell a lie, I am not too happy to be writing 2014 these days.  But as I look back at 2013, I am humbled that I got to spend almost the whole year of 2013 completely in the service of the Lord, as a set apart reperesentative with the authority to prepare my Father's children for baptism and invite everyone to come unto Christ and repent.  How great is my calling, no? (The"no" thing is Argentine.)

This week our faith was tested as Satan worked hard on the people in 9 de Julio.  We were rejected so many times.  SO many.  Our new ward missionary is the wife of our Branch president, and she is so amazing.  She went out with us four times this week, and two of those days we had no lessons because everyone rejected us.  To try and make our time with her worth it, we clapped some doors close to our appointments that fell through and talked to everyone in the streets.  After about  an hour of people rejecting us hard core, we said sorry to the Hermana that we couldn´t teach a lesson with her.  She started to cry because she couldn´t believe how disrespectful people were.  She also expressed how grateful she is for us.  I only mention this because ya, missionary work is hard, but even after being rejected for an hour I still felt happy.  Maybe not completely full of joy, but I was still happy and could feel the Spirit. I think that this is an important blessing that is given to missionaries--protection from discouragement and some thick skin!

In answer to your questions--Yes, cheek kisses are the thing. If I walk into a room and do not salud (greet) every woman in  the room with a cheek kiss, they assume that I am offended or upset or rude.  I actually really like the cheek kisses.  It is more like touching the cheeks together and making the kissing noise.  I am sad I can´t always do it.  And it is the cutest with the little kids.  As for your other question, if you read there are fireflies here, I assume that you are correct, but we are always in the apartment before dark because it is light really late, so I haven´t seen them. Thanks for telling me how tall I am in centimeters.  People always ask me how tall I am because I am just HUGE down here.  I am about the height of a man on the taller side.  I can´t wait to not feel so huge again! And I can't believe how tall Anna looks in that picture with the sister missionaries!  She is so cute, and I am proud of her for being willing to share the gospel!

This new year has already started off great.  We have lots of free time to find new investigators and families ready to receive the gospel.  We are working hard and following the Spirit! Transfers are in a week and a half and I really don´t want to leave 9 de Julio, but we shall see!

Love you,
Hermana Chloe

ps.  Shout out to my beautiful cousin Aubrey today for her birthday! Love you :)
Zone picture!

Hermana Cordova (new companion from Peru), Hermana Aldredge, y yo
Happy New Year lunch with Bartolo :)

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  1. La extrano tanto hermana Walker! I miss you a lot sister Walker! 8 months! ;)