Monday, December 2, 2013

Things to say, but not much time!

Hi everyone!

1-Shout out to Aunt Wendy for all those pictures of Thanksgiving. They are so cute! Thanks for sending them. I love that the Walker family was all together.  Wynn is 40! OLD! All of his children are looking super old, too.  Grandma Leslie sent me a letter and said that Wynn graduated.  I was soo happy for him!!! Congrats Tio! I also love Chelsea and Claire's hair! Super cute, both of you! And Karissa is beautiful and looks like she's older than me. Spencer is way too cute, and I think he's grown a foot since I left. Austin, you are a goof in your crazy hat; love it! Weston, who is that pretty girl sitting next to you? Happy belated birthday, Chelsea! Chris is the man with that beard! Grandma and grandpa, you are cute! Shout out to Claire for her birthday this week; love you girl! I loved seeing everyone's smiling faces. I love you all!

2-Florentina and Pedro got a phone in their house.  We now get to call them.  It makes me so happy!! Just imagine those two cute, old people talking on speaker phone--hilarious.  And Pedro got the priesthood yesterday!! Abuelos!!

3-Hermana Sanchez's birthday was last week, and we went to a bakery to eat some treats.  The bakeries here are beautiful! We just bought some little treats, and each thing was a little work of art. Because Hermana Sanchez and I are both artists, we took pictures of the beautiful pastries. (I'll send them next week.) 10 minutes later this man came up to talk to us and asked the usual where we are from and why we are in Argentina  and why we were taking pictures. We told him we both loved art, and that the pastries were works of art.  Turns out he owned the bakery, and he asked if we wanted a tour.  So for Hermana Sanchez's birthday we went on a tour all through the bakery. We went to the room where the ladies were making chocolate, and the pastries and the big cakes.  It was legit.  And he gave us chocolates and pastries! Fun birthday!

4-No time, so this is a part of my letter to president:
We have 7 fechas as of right now, and 4 people progressing toward toward their baptismal dates in December. One is a couple with the necessidad of the plan of salvation. They can't have children, but it was the sweetest experience ever to teach the plan of salvation and see the tears in the wife's eyes when we promised her that she will have many children in a mansion prepared for her by her Father in Heaven if she follows His plan. We have also seen the blessing of having all of our recent converts here in 9 de Julio active. In church, we always have more investigators/recent converts then active members.

Hermana Sanchez and I had a week of difficulities, but we worked hard and the Lord blessed us in ways we didn't expect. We know that he just wanted us to pray harder, work harder, and trust more. We did this; I opened my mouth and taught; we saw many miracles.

5-Random, but in my tiny branch here we have one missionary out.  She is the sister of Karina, and she is in Lexi's mission! Her name is Sister Borges.  So if Lexi sees her, she can tell her that Im serving in her home town, 9 de Julio.

6-Mom, I forgot to tell you that at our big sisters' conference we sang that song you sent to Sister Carter.  She told me to tell you thank you.

7-It is so hot here.  But we are loving it and having fun! Don't worry mom I am wearing sunscreen.

8-Anna, I can't wait to see Frozen with you when I get home.

Sorry this is letter lame! Love you all!
Hermana Chloe

ps. Please remember to take lots of pictures Christmas Eve.

pss. Thanks for the picture of MarLeice in her wedding dress. MarLeice, you made me cry! SOO beautiful! Congrats my married friend :)

psss. Thanks for the picture of Melanie, Danny and little Dixie.  Dixie is so chubby and perfect.  Melanie looks so beautiful and happy. Congratulations to that little family!

Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Hermana Sanchez and I are NOT being transferred!!!  For the first time in my mission, I am not being transferred!!! AND I get to keep my companion!!!!  Happy Day!!!!!

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