Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!


When you are all getting fat Thursday, I will be walking around in the blazing heat of Argentina saving souls. Ya. Life as a missionary is good.  I have so much to be thankful for: this gospel, this work, my companion, the people of 9 de Julio, my mission president, my awesome friends on missions, my wonderful friends and family back home!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

This week went by super fast as do all of the weeks these days.  The best miracle of all and the thing I am most thankful for is that Florentina and Pedro were baptized on Saturday!  We were almost certain that it wouldn't happen after the Elders called us and said that there was no water in the chapel to fill up the font and that after several hours, the font still only had about a foot of water and the water had quit running.  The Elders left, and when we got there we just knelt down next to the baptismal font and prayed that Heavenly Father would help us find a way to fill that font with enough water that Florentina and Pedro could get baptized.  About an hour later, we turned back on the water, and it just kept runnning until the font was completely filled!  I don't know how it happened, but it was amazing.  Everyone just kept telling us we could do the baptism next week, but we had prayed and received revelation 4 weeks earlier that the 23rd was the day Heavenly Father wanted Florentina and Pedro baptized, and we moved forward with faith in that confirmation.

On Thursday, there was an asado to say goodbye to Karina :( It was super sad.  She left on Friday with her fiancĂ© for SLC, but when they released her in church on Sunday as a ward missionary, Sister Sanchez and I both cried.  Yesterday was an amazing day at church.  We had more recent converents and investigators at church than active members.  In the gospel doctrine class, with all adults and young men and young women we had 8 people.  In the gospel essentials class, we had 10 recent converts and investigators, plus the teacher and the four missionaries.  We talked to the branch president after church about the baptisms for December, and he said, "Sisters, can't we baptize those two investigators on the 7th with the two investigators of the elders?" We said we could, but we have two other people getting baptized on the 14th as well.  He said, "Wow! I guess we will be having a baptismal service almost every Saturday in December." (Obviously, he said it in Spanish and this is a translation. haha.)

I am now going to tell you a story about a conversation that I overheard this week that sounds like a joke but is actually true.  A recent convert and three investigators are talking in the kitchen after church, when the recent convert asks one of the investigators, "When are you getting baptized?"  He responds, "The 14th of December."  The other two investigators say, "No way! Are you serious? That is when we're getting baptized, too!" (Translation again. haha.)  Then, they all proceed to have a conversation about how awesome that is.  AHH! The church is true! 

Other than the few exciting moments, the work just presses on as normal.  My companion who has been sick for weeks is finally getting better. (After I gifted her the Musinex D that I brought from the U.S.)  It is insanely hot here.  Yesterday, it rained so hard that we didn´t even try not to get wet.  We walked around in water up to our ankles and loved every minute of it because it was the first time in a week we haven't been hot, and everybody let us in to teach them! 

Enjoy some good food for me! Love you all!!
Hermana Chloe

ps.  I had to cut bangs to protect my forehead from the sun.  I like the bangs, though!

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