Monday, December 9, 2013

I´m Dreaming of a Cold Christmas!


As far as missionary work goes this week was probably about as normal as it gets.  We taught lessons,  invited people to church, some people accepted us, some people rejected us. Basically as Camron used to say, we spent our time preaching and teaching and working as missionaries do. It was hot this week (91 with 100% humidity), but yesterday it rained really hard.  The rain was refreshing. I just kept thinking I wish that there was a camera that my family could turn on back home and see where I am right now as we were standing there completely drenched from the rain on a street in Argentina, but smiling even though people wouldn't let us in because it was raining.  The rain felt good because almost no place has air conditioning. We have fan in our apartment that cools things off in the evening, but the days are so hot. The only place I have found with air conditioning is the ice cream shop--just another reason to eat ice cream :) 

Right now we have four people who are progressing toward their baptismal dates for December.  Florentina and Pedro are still walking an hour to get to church every Sunday  and are excited for the trip to the temple in January.  This Friday we are having a special Zone Meeting with president, because we didn't have our usual interviews last transfer.  On Monday, December 23rd, we are having a special p-day.  We will all be going to the Buenos Aires Temple and eating lunch in Ramos, and there will be a special Christmas meeting. Fun! This week I will have been on my mission for 10 months...not okay. Too fast.

Yesterday, I gave a talk in church. My topic was about revelation, but I ended up talking more about what to do before and after receiving revelation   In preparation for receiving personal revelation from Heavenly Father, He must be confident that we will follow what He says.  If He knows we are not going to follow His advice, why would He give it to us?  And then after all, what we need to do is trust in the Lord.  I think I talked about this, because it is still something I struggle with.  I guess it is true that the speaker always learns the most.  

Hope everyone had a great week.  Enjoy the cold because I think I will be sunburned for about another three months.  (However, I just learned that in my mission the hermanas can wear a hat in Dec, Jan, and Feb for protection from the sun.)  So I'm going to buy a hat, and that should help.  Have a great week!  I love you all!

Hermana Chloe

Ines- one of our investigators on date for December.
I colored her hair :) This is a before shot!

And After!!!
 I gave her a rocking cut too :)

Chivicloy Sur Zone!
Beautiful park where we sometimes eat lunch.

Hermana Sanchez y yo
Florentina made us lunch :)

Hermana Borges on the left, and some of our investigators in the middle!
This was after the lesson.

Susana gave us some flowers!
The new decoration in the casa de Florentina y Pedro!

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