Monday, October 21, 2013

Last Week On...Chloe´s Mission

Hi all,

(That title is to be read like the recap at the beginning of The Bachelor.)

Last week on. . .Chloe's mission, Chloe was crying on the streets of Argentina.  Distraught with not being able to speak the language, she was brought to the depths of anxiety and despair.  Slight glimmers of hope on the horizon convinced her that she could make it through another week...

Well people, this week was better than the last.  Not that that is hard or anything, but it is true! We have some amazing investigators.  Most of them are new and have only received one or two lessons, but we had 2 people at church yesterday and they are super solid.  Every day, as I get to know the people more, I love them more and realize that they are children of God.  And although the church is at a different place in this country than Utah, the work is equally important.

I have been thinking a lot this week about progression and family tradition.  Lots of people here say that they are Catholic because everyone in their family is Catholic, and they can’t and don’t want to change.  It sounds crazy, but I think we all use this logic a little bit. 

Por ejemplo:
We use the excuse that our parents do something so it’s okay for us.  But it doesn’t matter.  We all need to be constantly progressing.  It is like dance.  Anna is a way better dancer than I was at the age of ten.  The bar was raised she rose to the occasion, and now she is amazing.  She never told anyone, “Oh, I don’t need to work harder or do that because this is how good my sissy was at my age.” If we use this analogy with the gospel, think of how the church would be strengthened.  The generations of families in the church would be even stronger.  So instead of saying, “Oh, it’s okay to do this and this because that is what my family does,” we can choose to do something different because that is what our Father in Heaven wants us to do.

On Friday I talked to President Carter about the hard time I am having.  He said, “You want to know why I think you are on a mission Sister Walker?” I said, “Yes.”  He said, “I think you are on a mission to change the course of your life.”  And I agree!  Had I not gone on a mission I would probably have still lived a good life and would have been married in the temple and raised my family in the church.  But I promise that I would be no where even close to the path that I am aiming for, had I not made this life decision.  I am forever changed, and I still have 9 and a half months ;) I still will have anxiety, but I trust in the Lord’s plan.  I am not letting go!!! I am holding strong to the strength that I can do anything with His help! 

Just like we can't gain a testimony of tithing before paying it, I cannot gain a testimony of putting my trust in the Lord and his plan without first trusting Him.  I am going to trust Him and the blessings He has promised me.  I feel so strongly that the timing of my mission is divine. 

Thanks for the prayers, everyone.  One time this week when I was walking and tired and about to break down, I prayed that your prayers could carry me, and I felt that strength!  

I love you! 


Hermana Chloe

ps.  This whole mission in Argentina thing is about as unglamorous as it gets.  I sweat buckets everyday.  It is so hot and humid.  The sun is blazing. And believe it or not I am tan, but I dress like a grandma.  I am going to need some serious help when I get home to not look like a grandma anymore! (No offense to my beautiful grandmas intended. Even you two wouldn’t wear what I am wearing.)

pss.  I got ten letters this week! My zone leaders were so funny.  They said, “Wow, apparently Hermana Walker is still loved.” Special thanks to Ms. Ringen for the letter.  All of the letters were sent from the end of September to October 3rd. I got them all at the same time.  

psss. We are getting 38 missionaries this week.  Apparently ALL of the visa waiters received their visas!

 If you were wondering if that is my white watch, you are wrong.  That is my wrist tan from my watch.
My ten letters!  Thank you everyone!
Sister Morales taught me how to make tortillas! But this is at night, and I have been working all day and am wearing no makeup so no one judge me!

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