Monday, July 22, 2013

Transferred Again


SO since this is a new mission we have transfers this week, and on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.  Meaning we got our information this morning.  And....I am being transferred.  I have no idea where, but I just know that I need to pack and get ready to leave.  I am super sad.  We have been working so hard in this area.  This Saturday we have two baptisms and a wedding :(  I'll tell you more about my peeps in this area later, but for now I am going to complain.  I don't want to leave here! I was only here for 5 weeks.

In other news I would like to bring up something I figured out yesterday.  Did you all know that they guy from the Other Side of Heaven is Augie from Covert Affairs?  So in that movie we have Augie and Anne Hathaway.  Best couple ever.  Too bad we can't watch it, but it was playing on BYU TV yesterday when we went over to dinner.  And since we are talking about the Covert Affairs and the CIA, I am pretty sure that our Stake President is in the CIA.  He is super legit: from Turkey, speaks about 7 languages, and goes missing for months at a time with no cell access and says that it was because he was doing paperwork for the Department of Justice.  Lies.  He can't tell us what he does, so our hypothesis is that he is so legit, he can't tell us.  And he is super young.  So cool!  He works so well with the missionaries.  Really makes missionary work a priority.  I heard him tell the story of his conversion in a ward conference once.  He said that he joined the church because of the tissue box.  His first Sunday was a stake conference.  At the time he didn't speak any English.  He said that the whole conference he didn't understand a word they said, but every speaker used the tissue box at one point because they were crying from the spirit.  He said this affected him so much, because in all the churches he had ever been to the speakers all had water at the pulpit for if their throat got dry.  But at the Mormon church instead of water everyone needed a tissue.  That is what motivated him to learn more! And now he’s like a 30 year old Stake President.

As for the area.  We went to the marriage office on Wednesday to get Laura and Edgar’s marriage license.  They are getting married this Saturday.  Then she is going to get baptized.  He has work on Sunday so won't be able to get baptized for a little, but he really wants to too.  They have a little girl named Camilla, and she is the cutest thing ever! And a little boy on the way in September.  They are going to be the most legit couple!  We also have a ten year old boy that should be getting baptized this Saturday and a lady named Della.

We have a senior couple in our mission where all he does is work with every mission in the whole valley to get people married.  We call him Elder Guapo.  When we realized that Laura and Edgar needed to be married, we invited Guapo to an appointment, he read the Proclamation to the Family with them, filled out the application, and then went to the marriage office with them the next day.  He is such an awesome resource.  Since he started doing this 13 years ago, he has helped over 900 couples get married or something.  

Yesterday was awesome! We had 6 people at church!!!!  It was such a milagro.  The Elders who work in our ward also had people there so there was 10 investigators in one ward. Sooo awesome!! And we had an amazing dinner.  Except these people feed me so much here, I am getting fat.  Okay not actually fat, but 30 min of exercise every morning is not enough to fight off what I have to eat everyday.  Esta bien.

I am going to leave you all a commitment.  This Sunday I want everyone to really respect the Sabbath.  I was thinking about this for you all this week.  Every time we teach about this commandment, we promise people blessings.  Like if someone will take off work to come to church, they will be blessed.  I feel bad not telling you the same thing.  So Marc and Nic that may mean no video games, but it is worth it.  You will all be blessed more than you can imagine! 

This week I had an interesting experience.  I started crying because I missed you all so much.  Sister Guerra and I went to teach a lesson to a lady whose children were watching a movie in a connecting room.  Guess what they were watching. Air Bud, the first one!  I didn't watch, but just hearing it was enough for me to know the whole thing.  We got there at the point where the kid makes the game winning shot.  The music was so happy and triumphant that I started getting teary eyed.  Then while we were teaching the movie ended.  At the end when Buddy has to choose between the kid and the clown, and then goes up and tears the news paper the clown is holding and then runs back to his friend.  As I listened to that, I had tears.  I'm not sure who I was missing.  Our cute dogs, or watching that movie with my brothers at the cabin, but I was sad.  Then I sucked it up and got to work, but I thought I would let you all know about that moment.

That is really all for the week.  I have been reading in Mosiah this week, and studying Hope in the Christlike Attributes chapter of Preach My Gospel.  It has been great.  On Friday someone paid for our district’s lunch at Chipolte! I have to pack up all of my stuff today.  And about that, can Camron come pick up some of my stuff at the office tomorrow after transfers?  Because I will probably be leaving some stuff there.  

Hermana Chloe

ps.  I never thought I would say this but it is weird to hear/say my first name.  I am officially a missionary.
pss.  If I never go to Argentina, next year when Marc and Nic go through the temple they can go to Salt Lake, and I can be there! 
psss.  I hope that I go to the visitor’s center tomorrow.
pssss.  Don't worry if you all sent letters, the address on the blog is to the mission office so I will still get them in my new area.
psssss. I don't think I am going to be in a quad anymore!!!!!! Praise His name! 

Last thing.  This is actually not p-day again today, because we have the 24th as our p-day.  We are going street contacting at the parade in Salt Lake and then watching a movie as a mission at night.  So if anyone is around the parade, you might see me! 
With Laura and Edgar at the marriage office :)

 Laura and Edgar's daughter Camilla.

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